"Roberto Restuccia, what a great guitarist ! When I first heard Roberto play it immediately caught my ear. Such feeling, touch and soul in his playing. With 40 years in the music business I've played with the best players in the world. So when something stops me in my tracks and I have to listen it's something special everyone should experience "


Rock Hendricks

Saxophhone artist with Trippon N Rhythm Records/Sony and Saxohonist for Paul Hardcastle and The Jazzmasters

I first became aware of Roberto Restuccia via my drummer friend Andy Hamer - he insisted ' you must hear this guy's guitar playing'. So I did - and spent the next few hours listening to Coffee Break Grooves......... and the guitar genius that is Roberto Restuccia.

I was knocked out by his tone, style and fluidity - it was like the music dripped from his fingertips.

I knew right there and then, I wanted to interview Roberto for a future magazine feature - the world needs to hear this guitarist!

I have been fortunate over the past 35 years to have interviewed some of the worlds greatest musicians for 1-2 Testing, Guitarist and Guitar & Bass magazines. Have also produced 2 films depicting the history of the Fender Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars - both featured guitar luminaries including Jeff Beck, Ry Cooder, Rory Gallagher and Keith Richards, Roberto is right up there with the best of them..............think Robben Ford meets George Benson - with a dash of Larry Carlton for good measure! 

This comment isn't meant to 'pigeon hole' Roberto's music - because this guy has a style and 'touch' all of his own.

If you like guitar music with class and style, check out Roberto's album 'When The Smoke Clears'

If you want to learn from one of the best - then sign up for Roberto Restuccia's tuition packages........ I promise - you won't regret it "

Bob Hewitt

Producer - 'Fenderfilms'

Roberto Restuccia first came to my attention with his 2016 album release "Exposue"

This album is a sublime mixture of styles that perfectly showcases his remarkable abilities.

Immediately upon playing tracks from the album on my weekly radio shows we received fantastic listener response to every track that we featured.

It takes a something for an artist to stand out from the crowd on their debut album release and Roberto has certainly managed to achieve this. Highly recommended listen.

Roberto's definitely one to watch for the future ...

Richard Edwards

SmoothGrooves Radio Show


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